Game Party was one of the most successful games developed for the Wii. (Top 40) with over 2.3 Million Copies sold worldwide. I created some of the many character skins offered in the game and some of the UI screens and pop-ups used for player feedback. 


Creative Direction: Bill Fox
UI Lead: Max Mollhagen-Jaksa
Concept Art: James Mosigno, Michelle Hoffner
Additional UI: Sean Johnson
Performance Pop-Ups

These images were meant to pop-up during play to reward / and encourage the player making their experience more entertaining. The pop-ups making fun of poor performances were reserved for opponents to trigger and talk smack with in competitive play.
Victory Screen

This demonstrates an idea I pitched that would allow players to have additional opportunities to show off their custom avatars to others. They would be able to make various control motions to execute various victory poses or taunts that their opponent would see. This screen was also pitched as a means for local players to know when their turn was up.
Game Variant Selection Screen

Due to the nature of the Wii and the small resolution offered. Menus needed to be larger to allow for easy selection using the Wii-Mote. Large areas were reserved around each button to prevent accidental selections.
Character Design Concepts:

These show some of the characters I designed for the game. They would all use the base figure shape, with using a limited amount of geometry for props and flourishes. They were designed to allow players the ability to mix and match several pieces to create their own unique avatars.
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