Creating Social Game UI requires a balance between traditional website design methods and console interface techniques. It's a great challenge to push the designs closer towards feeling like a console interface, all while leveraging the advantages of having precision inputs from a mouse.
This collection screen shows a long-term player goal of the "Ultra Mythic."  A roll-over input reveals a hint and pay through option to earn a missing component in the collection.
A functional mock-up showing a storefront. This covers many features, including promotional items, search, sort, and 2 levels of category view.
A UI store concept showing off a clean visual style, meant to help inspire the user to feel as they are at a real wildlife park. This is done through the use of strong informational graphics, calming color scheme, and an open layout free from clutter.
Another UI style investigation focused on warm color tones and simple shapes
A UI style investigation exploring a rendered menu style with a tropical slant. 
Example of a expanded task list usually coupled with a player directive. The "?" elements trigger a roll over action for each line item explaining where the user needs to go in order to complete the goal.
A player training screen for use is a augmented fantasy football game. The nodes on the bottom represent player selected training that can be assigned to their various fantasy players. 
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