Suitable Technologies was a silicon valley start-up that pioneered the remote presence industry with its core product, Beam. I was the team's Creative Director and one of its interface and UX designers. During my time with the company, I was able to work on many different creative problems that extended far beyond software. From contracting paint shops to make prototypes of auto-quality paint jobs for the devices, to managing the details of seven figure trade show booths for CES; there was no shortage of fun.
Below are some screenshots from the Beam "Pilot" desktop application.
Below is a sequence for a landing page design we used for updating the company's website. It covers mood board, a wire-frame and the fully rendered mock-up for production. 
Some examples of the UI components and style guide I authored during production for the device.
Some branding and icon design meant to be used in conjunction with a marking campaign focused on the consumer version of the device, "Beam+"
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